An innovative formulation without hydrofluoric acid!

Currently, aluminium cleaning preparations commonly used on the market contain form 5 to 15% hydrofluoric acid.

This substance effectively cleans and bleaches aluminium BUT is at the same time a very serious threat to the life and health of the user.

This acid causes burns in the airways and difficult to heal skin wounds. Accidental getting into the eyes can result in loss of eyesight and swallowing is a very seriuos threat to the victim’s life.

Because of these risks, the ProElite
research department has created a safe alternative by eliminating hydrofluoric acid from the formulation, replacing it with
an equally effective and completely safe combination of other ingredents.

Bet on the safety of you and your empoyees and use aluminium wash with Al-Soft+ technology!

This product, unlike competitive solutions,
is characterizded by
a relatively neutral scent note, thanks to which working with it is much more pleasant.

The use of Al-Soft+
is subject to mild health and safety standards
in relation to standard
alu liquids, which directly  results in lower labor costs.

The product is much more environmentally friendly than standard aluminium washing products.

Today, there are more and more legal disputes on the line of car wash owners – employees. The reason is the lack of safety at the workplace due to exposure to the effects od hydrofluoric acid on human health.

Choosing AL-Soft+ as an employer eliminates this risk and as an employee you can be sure that your health is safe.

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