WHAT CAN we do for you?

We created complete line of products

for car washing and care including:

Vehicle wash products
(touchless presoaks, active foams, car washing powders)

Hydro waxes for body shining and protection

Car cosmetics
(interior and exterior plastics care, tire care, car body gloss etc)

Specialty preparations
(aluminium brightners, old concrete removers)

For our final costumers (car washes mostly)
we have additional services such as:

Audit of current washing proces

Assessment of water hardness

Selection of apprioprate cleanning technology

Selection of proper cleaning concentrations

Car wash employees training and many more


We offer test set of products which include:

Brillant NanoWax (1L)

brillant nano wax

Hydro wax for car body glossing and drying

TR-F (5L)

tr-f do mycia tirów

Touchless presoak for vehicle washing

General GT (750ML)

general GT

All perpose cleaner for car interior

Al-Soft+ (1L)

al-soft+ do mycia aluminium

Technology of aluminium cleanning and brightning without HF
(hydrofluoric acid)

Glass Cleaner GT (1L)

Glass Cleaner GT

For clean windows and mirrors without streaks

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